We are proud to be the only BG Products Approved Service Centre in Doncaster and member of the Best Garage Guide.

High quality BG Automotive Maintenance Services are the best thing you can do for your car. Backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan® | BG Products, Inc., a complete maintenance schedule of BG services will take care of your car for life.

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Diesel Injection | BG Products, Inc.

Diesel Induction | BG Products, Inc.

Diesel Engine Performance | BG Products, Inc.

As well as the BG Services, we also offer

Manufacture Specific Services.

A Manufacturer Service follows the schedule created by the manufacturer of your vehicle, ensuring it is maintained in-line with their recommendations. All work is completed using genuine or equivalent parts and by technicians who are fully qualified to work on your make of vehicle, Maintaining Manufactures Warranty.

Interim Service

An interim service generally checks all under bonnet fluid levels, including brake fluid, screen wash and anti-freeze. In addition to this, we will test the battery, lights and tyres and replace the Engine oil and Oil Filter using BG EPR (Engine Performance Restorer)

Minor Service

A Minor Service is similar to an Interim service, with the addition of an Engine Air Filter.

Major/Full Service/Performance Restoring Service

A Major, or Full service includes everything from the Interim and Minor service with the addition of

BG 245/44K Fuel System cleaner

Pollen/Cabin filter,

Fuel Filter (on Diesel Engines),

Spark Plugs (On Petrol Engines)

Brake fluid replacement every 24 months, as now recommended by most vehicle manufactures.

A comprehensive check of all braking, steering and suspension components.